Father Goose, His Book

By Lyman Frank Baum

Table Of Contents


Father Goose


Did You Ever See a Rabbit?

To Walk Jim Jones

Clockwork Man

Tick Tock

This Bold Boy

There Was a Goose

Mister Jinks

Little Barelegs Runs

Who`s Afraid?

The Cats They Sit

A Sailor from China

If Johnny Had No Eye

Sally Dance

Old Mister Micklejohn

Baby Found a Feather

Jack Lantern

A Bumble Bee

Grandpa`s Head

Uncle Dick Gave Me a Dolly

Captain Bing

I Had a Dog

Little Tommy Toddlekin

Organ Grinder

Master Bunny

Mr. Green


Kitty Klymer


Little Nigger Boy

John Harrison Hoy

Polly Wants a Cracker

Baby Pulled the Pussy`s Tail

Patsy Bedad


Ding a Ling

Quite a Trick

Come Into Our Store

The Bandit

Miss Nancy Puts on Airs

The Bossie-Cow

Standing on the Sidewalk

A Man Last Tuesday

Goodness Me!

Civilized Boy

Babies` Serenade

Dolly`s Run Away

Annie Waters

A Bee Flew Down

There Was a Whale

A Little Man

Buy a Goose

Miss Nancy Brown

Cootchie Cooloo

Here Is Paddy Geegan

Tim Jenkins Tried

Rough Riders

The Coogie Bird

The Ship Will Go


Chickens at Night

Cats Babies Have

Sun Bear Dances

The Soldier

Betsy Baker

One Old Cat!

Boy from Kalamazoo

Boy, A Tiny Mite

George Washington

Sammy Simpson




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